Monday, January 04, 2010

december fun

I mean, is it any wonder why Lucy is an easy-going child?! She's quite a good sport.
little sister

Behind this sweet face is an imp. Really. A sweet imp, but impish, nonetheless.

When we had both Huntleigh and Lucy, many of Josh's colleagues in China sent us these beautiful jackets. The dragon one that Huntleigh is wearing is my favorite. Here they are sporting them at the Gardenland Express at the Botanical Gardens.
chinese coats

Huntleigh and Yia Yia on their way to the Teddy Bear Tea.
yia yia & hunts

Huntleigh and her friend, Mallory, with sweet little girl excitement.
sweet excitement

teddy bear tea

My good friend, Mollie. Mollie and I have been friends for 10 years, but marriage, moves, children and different communities kind of kept us from being in each other's lives for awhile. It was providential when our daughters were put in the same 3K class together because we needed each other as friends again. Sometimes it's all about timing.

In mid-December, we went to a tacky Christmas party. I'm proud of my husband for his outifit, because it was his complete vision from beginning to end. He worked hard to look like Cousin Eddie, scavenging Ebay & Rag-O-Rama for the precise pieces. Please notice, if you would, the dickey underneath his white sweater. Too perfect. I'm still proud of his outift. Tim was Cousin Eddie from another scene of Christmas Vacation. Nice work, boys. As for me and Andrea, well, I spent a few hours running around Saint Louis to find some fun, kitschy pieces that, when thrown together, made up something Christmasy. We were something like Cindy Lou Hoo meets the Candy Cane Twins from one of the deleted scenes of the Nutcracker. It made for a fun evening, to say the least.
candy cane twins and cousin eddies

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Doug and Lori said...

That picture of Huntleigh squeezing Lucy's face....LOVE it!