Thursday, January 21, 2010


These pictures are just a little sampling of why I love Huntleigh and Lucy's dollhouse so stinking much. I spent a lot of time researching exactly which house I wanted to get them and even when I had made the purchase, I was still not quite sure I had made the best decision I could have possibly made. I asked Josh what he thought, and he looked up at me in all seriousness (sarcasm) and said, "Please do not ever ask me that question again." It's just not the same for a mom as it is for a dad. He did not belabor over the decision as I had. Anyway, we keep the dollhouse on the main floor so that the girls have something to play with and I spend most evenings putting all the little pieces back in their places. When Josh hears me, he likes to ask, "Are you playing with the dollhouse again?!" To be honest, I love putting it all back together. It's the easiest house I've ever had to maintain.

This is the third floor playroom--just like our own house. I liked most of the rooms by Plan Toys, which you can get for cheaper at Amazon. But they are both colorful, cute, and sturdy, which is important for the little babes, like Lucy. We've only broken one tiny thing so far, so that's a pretty good record.

And this bathroom set....too cute. Lucy spends a lot of time putting the little boy on the potty and she says, "You poop, boy? You poop?" I did not teach her that. But I do hope the novelty of it will come in handy with potty-training her, somehow.

And this Kitchen-Aid mixer? Seriously. I love it. (That was from Pottery Barn Kids....of course.)

The kids' bedroom set with a little person in it. Thanks to my sisters-in-law and my mom for outfitting the house! For anyone who is interested, I think these websites have cute options for wooden selections for the houses: Nova, Magic Cabin, Plan Toys, Ryan's Room.


Hannah Bo Nanna said...

I am pretty sure that little person has red hair!!! Good choice!!! I might pretend it is me and I am living in that sweet house!!

All About Amelia said...

where did you find thier dollhouse it looks so sturdy and open. love it!

b wingfield said...

sarah- i love your photographs! did you take classes or are you just naturally good? fun to see your family! ~ beth kent wingfield

Brooke Brown said...

this is insanely precious. seriously - is that an orange console table/night stand w/ a yellow shaded lamp on top?! can't even stand it....too sweet! my parents still have all of our little people stuff (including the bathroom seeing yours made me giggle) and my boys love it. this will certainly be a treasure for generations!