Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Josh and I were in Florida this past week for a (too) short business/pleasure trip. It saved him a trip to Lima and I was able to join him on account of this, so I have no complaints. I really think it's always great to get away from our kids like that because there is nothing like coming home to them. I cannot explain the level of excitement there is on both ends--from the parent side and from the kid side. If you've left your little ones, I know you know what I'm taking about. I suppose this will all change when they are teenagers and could really care less about us, but I'll soak up the excitement while it's there and everybody's little. Anyway, the major highlight of our trip was our ride in this awesome yellow float plane. Major dream come true for Josh. Not only that, but he was able to complete his BFR while learning how to fly this thing. Two birds (plus some).

I can just see the wonder and excitement in Josh's eyes in this picture. He was like a little kid in a candy shop. I was so proud of him. I love flying with him when he's the pilot.

So, we jumped into the airplane from the water because we weren't near a dock and I caught a shot of the guys steering in the bare feet. I love it.

Here's Josh talking to the pilot, Mark Futch, about the ins-and-outs of flying a float plane. Lots of pilot talk. I was too busy taking pictures.

Mark picked us up while we were on Useppa Island, where Josh's paternal grandparents have a house, so I was able to get an aerial view of some of the coast on the island.

Several of Josh's family members have houses in Florida (just not all in the same locations) but we happened to fly over Warren and Ellen's house in Punta Gorda! They have like a mini-Raccoon Ranch complete with awesome house, sunflower patch, dove hunting field, and gardens. I had taken a brief day trip with them to see their place, so it was pretty cool to see it from the air the following day.
Punta Gorda!

Warren and Ellen at their place the day before!
Ellen & Warren

Oh. And I forgot to mention the cows on their property! I guess they help the taxes. This is loud-mouthed Bridget, so lovingly named by Ellen and Warren's twins. I kind of felt like Pioneer Woman, taking a picture of cows and all. Floridian cows.
loud-mouthed Bridget

Passenger. Otherwise known as backseat driver. Although, in this case, I really can have very little input, since I know nothing about flying an airplane. I did think about our living will once (or twice) for a split second, and then I chastised myself for letting that cross my mind.

I was slightly freaked out right before we landed the plane on a grassy air strip. I've never experienced it before, so I was trying to picture what the landing gear looked like as it landed.....it's two wheels in the front, two in the back. It was a perfect landing. Smooth and sweet.

You know, when Josh and I first met each other again (we've known each other since we were both 13), he was a flight instructor out at Spirit of Saint Louis airport. I've been up with him in small airplanes a few times, but not since we've had our kiddos. I've flown in airplanes where he wasn't the pilot probably a hundred times and I am really glad that he didn't pursue being a pilot for a living. Not because I would be nervous for his life (flying is safer than driving any day) but because I know how much he loves flying and I think that making a vocation of it would have drowned out his love for it. I love seeing my husband do something that fills him up as much as flying does. I am so so proud of this guy. To steal a line from Charlie & Lola, he's my favorite and my best.
my hubby, proud pilot


Camille said...

You get to travel to so many fun and exciting places! So jealous. I wish you were coming to Boise, instead of Seattle, next week so we could meet up. We will meet up someday soon. :-) Safe travels cousin. Love, Camille

Anonymous said...

oh Sarah
that smile and those eyes (yours) in this pix of you reminds me of you when you where 2-4yrs old, when you lived in Carterville, and i saw that same look on your face then. You're just as adorable now as then. You wholly enjoy what you're doing. Fun to see that look again my dear.
love to you, Josh & the Girls