Friday, January 15, 2010

woo-ti is 2

Lucy refers to herself as "Woo-ti" because she doesn't make appropriate consonant sounds. It's so endearing. (And she calls Huntleigh "Huh-hee.") So, Woo-ti turned 2 on January 7. Her birthday comes 2 days after Josh's, so it's just one more exciting week for us after the holidays pass. We decided to celebrate Lucy's birthday at Dressel's this year, and I don't think the atmosphere could have been more perfect. Dressel's is one of our favorite pubs in town and the upstairs proved to be a very warm environment for a party....even one including children. There's a pool table in the back room that kept the kids occupied for quite some time, which was helpful.

This was our second Elmo-themed birthday party. (The first was Huntleigh's 2nd birthday.) It was a hit for Lucy. The empty Elmo pinata was a hit for everyone else. Here, Lucy is showing us how tall (or short) Elmo really is.
number 2

Josh, his sister, Hannah, and their dad
arch, hannah & josh

Elmo really got into character as our mascot of the party. I think he may have started drinking.
elmo guards the taps

I love this picture. It's a sweet family moment.
"me two!"

The girls were content to eat their cake on the floor. We made quite the scene at Dressel's. It was perfect. I wonder how many two-year old birthday parties have taken place there....just out of curiousity? Certainly it was Dressel's first time to be graced with a super awesome homemade Elmo cake.
cake monsters

We love you, Woo-ti. I'm so glad you came into our lives. You are a tremendous light.
frosting face

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Marilyn said...

i love my woo-ti. nice bruise in the middle of her forehead.:(
She is a ray of light on dark days.
love, yia-yia