Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's baseball season, baby!

So Monday was "wear your Cardinals red!" day at school for Hunts and I literally had to force her to wear this t-shirt. I felt like a t.o.t.a.l. hypocrite since Josh and I (religiously) do not wear red to Cardinals games even though we are major Cardinals fans. I actually bribed Huntleigh by telling her that she could have her Cardinals Pez if she wore the shirt. She took the Pez to school and I got this picture. After school she made very clear to me that she is "not a Cardinals fan," but she does "want to go to baseball games." Ok. She proceeded to sit in my lap and watch the game on television while I taught her about our team. That's Yadi, that's Colby, that's Holliday, "Is it because he's a holiday, mommy?" That's Pujols! Like your t-shirt! And then Pujols hit a homerun! Here's our NON-Cardinals fan talking to daddy about Pujols' homerun while watching the game.

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