Monday, April 12, 2010

modern child

This child can work an iPhone like nobody's business. I'm not really sure this is something I'm proud of, but I am fascinated by it. There are certainly times when this skill comes in handy. Look at this imp. She's just a bit irresistible.
Lu, 27 months

That little brow is furrowed in heavy concentration on her bowling game. She scored a 167.
iPhone pro

And these feet. They don't seem to grow as quickly as I remember Huntleigh's grew, but we still seem to have a plethora of shoes around. This child is a shoe fanatic.
sweet feet

And this blankie....the beloved blankie, made by her very own B (that's Josh's mom). This blankie has seen better days, but at least we're not dealing with another faceless doll. This child has gotten her hand stuck in the taggies of said blanket and it was so bad that it was nearly cutting off her circulation, so all taggies have since then been cut in half to avoid such future tragedies....well, all except for this pictured taggy. Now the taggies are unravelling and Lucy likes to pull on the strings. I've even clear nail-polished all the ends of the taggies, but that can only last for so long on a beloved blankie.
favorite blankie

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