Sunday, April 25, 2010

painting projects

We've kind of been on a painting kick lately. I found these little movable wooden people I had gotten at Ikea forever ago and Hunts loved painting them. The painting was super fun. The clean-up....not so much. That is exactly why I love that the kids do so much painting in 3K. There are now green & blue hand & footprints in the corner of our deck. They'll be here for the next owner.
Here's our finished products: Bob and Bob.

And then we went to Yucandu AGAIN! Someone generously donated a special field trip for the MWF class to go and paint butterflies! It was so much fun and such a special treat!!! Here's Manna, so seriously painting....

Hunts, so seriously painting....

This is Huntleigh's 3K class. Madison, Manna, Tanner, Cooper, Charlie (in the back), Ellie, London, Hunts, Anna, Rocco, Seth, and Mallory. I really can't believe that we only have one more month left of 3K and then my babe will be in JK! We're really going to miss Mrs. Heinemann. She has been such a blessing. She's an amazing teacher and so full of love.
3K at Yucandu


Brooke Brown said...

love this wooden people/painting project. planning a trip to ikea & a 'take 2' at our house...maybe w/ washable paint. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Huntleigh is the only kid looking at you in the bottom picture. She loves her Mommy! Josh