Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the gardens

The Gardens. I love being there. We've frequented them a few times this spring and with much more success than last year, seeing as I am now heavily medicated. Thank goodness for antihistamines and asthma inhalers. Anyway, we were there the other week when it was in the mid-80's in StL and enjoyed the coolness of the water in all the fountains.
botanical gardens


Hunts, Lucy, Hampton, and Mallory. Love this photo of the cheesy foursome.


Hannah Bo Nanna said...

That pic of Hunts, Lulu, Hampton, and Mallory is AWESOME!!! Lulu and Hampton are soooooo cute. And Good Lord Mollie P. is in for it with that pose by Mallory!

Lindsey said...

haha... love that last picture. I love how Lucy and Hampton are smiling at each other and Mallory is striking a pose for the camera.