Monday, April 05, 2010

speaking of resurrection....

Sometimes I just want to give up blogging. Like forever give it up. I don't want to feel bound to it. I want to take a break and not feel guilty for getting away for awhile. And then I get indignant that I even have guilt about my blog. As though my blog is somehow unfairly treating me as some kind of captive. Other times I have blog confusion, a condition that renders me unable to pinpoint just exactly what kind of blog it is that I have: is it just a picture blog? Because I think my pictures have become a snooze fest. Is it a "just to keep y'all updated" blog? Because who really cares about that?! Is it a display of my children blog? Well, I suppose it started as that, and then morphed into a "this is our life" blog. Because it is our life and my children have become a part of this beautiful life I have with my sweet and tender husband, Josh. I begin all these really funny blog posts in my head throughout the day and then have forgotten them all by the end of the evening. (But, as a side note, I am really funny. I think you might wish I would have written some of those.) So, it's time for a bit of a resurrection.

Easter was super this year. We had about 20 people over for lunch and it was a great combination of personalities. Church was worshipful and rejuvenating and Jesus has conquered sin & death and is alive in heaven! Praise God. I just look forward to the day when my children can attest to this truth with their own mouths and hearts. God is faithful. I see fruit in both their young lives.

Here's my brother-in-law Zach hunting Easter eggs with Hunts. He was our "Easter Bunny" who hid the eggs while we were finishing up lunch. I guess something made him crack up in this picture, but I'm not recalling what was so funny.

Isabella and her parents joined us for lunch this year. She was the ultimate hunter. I know she found the most eggs. Nice work, Isabella!

My sweet, sugar-overloaded, kinda dirty, tough little Lu.
easter lu

I love that I caught this sweet moment between Zach and Lucy. I think Lucy is bargaining for how many jelly beans she can have. He definitely wins for the best uncle!! We love Zach!
zach and lu

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Shazza said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really do LOVE reading your blog! Gives me glimpses of the Hager family, whom I miss so dearly. Love you!