Saturday, April 03, 2010

stay-cation for spring break

Even though Hunts is only in preschool, I felt like spring break was somehow made an official establishment in our home this year. We opted to not go out of town this year, but we made an effort to do some fun and out of the ordinary things during vacation.

Abby took Huntleigh to Yucandu in Webster. If you have not been, you need to go. It's an amazing art studio. Hunts and Abby put their creative energies into making a butterfly together.
yucandu with abby

Josh took a day off of work and we took the kiddos down to the Arch. It was a rainy, yucky day, but we had a (mostly) good time anyway. Riding up the Arch was fun but when we arrived at the top, they informed us they were experiencing a bit of a "sway factor" that morning, which we instantly felt. Yikes. I love Lucy's face in this picture. It's like "Seriously Ma? The Arch?!"
arch capsule

The ever-so-exciting downtown of Saint Louis, Missouri. Good thing we're a baseball town.
from atop the arch

You can sense both Huntleigh's and Lucy's apprehension in their faces in this photo. Hunts has let me know more than one time since the fact that she "did NOT like going up in the Arch." Oh well. You can't win 'em all.
family day

And we spent a whole lot of time in the yard. It has been such a relief to have nicer weather and since I have medication this year, I can actually enjoy being outside, too. Even though we all come inside with a layer of yellow pollen on our skin. Check out that soccer kick!
soccer player


Lucas and Ang said...

hey, it's angela! i love your blog. i've been trying to make my photos larger on our blog and i'm stuck. i've made the template larger but i can't seem to get the actual pix larger. any advice???

the Halvorsons said...

great kick, huntleigh!! :)

Looks like a fun filled week. kinda what we're going through this week....stay-cation. it's kinda wierd having "spring break" again.