Sunday, July 04, 2010

growing up

This is my four year old on her last day of 3K. I love this picture so much because it conveys such a confident Hunts. 3K was a wonderful learning experience for her.
last day of 3K

So here's a full body shot on her last day of 3K.....
4 1/2 years

...and as a reminder, here's her first day of 3K. (Wish I knew how to do that side-by-side photo thing.) Lots of growing going on during this year. She's looking so much more like a girl and growing out of all that toddler chubbiness.
first official day of school

I love that Josh drives her to school most mornings. It's his special time with Hunts to talk and process her morning thoughts and then he runs to get his double espresso afterwards.

Hunts with Mrs. Moore...
Mrs. Moore

...and Mrs. Heinemann. Her two very loving and special teachers who nurtured her well throughout her first school year. Good work on the completion of 3K, Hunts! We love you!
Mrs. Heinemann


KV said...


We don't actually know each other and I hope you won't find me contacting you intrusive. I've been following your blog ever since you put photos of your (daughters') gorgeous playroom on there (I followed the Obedooh link, I think) and enjoy my daily/weekly update about you and your family.

Lately, I've been wanting to set up a blog for my family and friends to view as well and have been wondering how you managed to make use of the complete website. When I use any of the blogspot layouts I always have a nasty border with nothing but colour on either side, which is especially annoying when you look at it on small screens like iPhones etc. Any tips how to get rid of that problem? THanks about that!

Other than that, I hope you have settled nicely in your new house. We have just moved houses as well, also just a few roads away, but it took us the last month and a half just to unpack and it feels like we are still living in chaos!

Take care, Kathy

Hannah Bo Nanna said...

I love her so much. A part of me never wants to see her grow up but it's Hunts so she will and I will love her. She is so special because she is the first niece and so wonderful. I hope that she gets to look back on this blog and realized we all love her from the beginning!

sbh said...


I am so sorry I never got back to you regarding this posting! Did you ever find out how to get your margins bigger and your pictures bigger? If not, I would be glad to help.

So happy that you continue to check the blog!! Hope that you've finally settled into your new home. Thanks for the well wishes!