Sunday, July 25, 2010

out of routine

These are my two awesome babes. In their own ways they are both cheeky, both perceptive, both beautiful and have tender hearts. We have good days and we have bad days, but we've been having a lot of great days lately.

the two.

I am super grateful for our new home, but it has been really tricky to have our current home on the market. We will officially own our new home on September 15, so until then, we are still living in our current home. It's not an easy situation to have small children and to have your house be in perfect "show-ready" condition at any given moment. I feel like a slave to keeping my home clean, and if you know me at all, you might think I'd love the opportunity to clean all the time, but not so much. Not under these circumstances. I want my children to feel free in their own home, but instead, my 4-year old has to ask me if she can play with toys and I hear her telling Lucy, "No Lucy! We can't touch that now!" Boo. All it takes is one buyer. And so we wait patiently.

summer time

Summer has us falling out of any semblance of routine, which is both freeing and tricky. We go to the pool A LOT, which has been a complete lifesaver for us. It's kind of like our home away from home, which gives us a bit of security, when our home doesn't really feel like our own anymore. Swimming has been a challenge for Hunts, but she has decided to completely teach herself. She and Josh had an intense 30-minute battle one afternoon, when he told her that she had to choose to put her head underwater or we were done with the pool. She cried and cried and cried and then finally she chose to dunk her own head. She was a different little girl after that. More confident and daring. In June she was loaded down with floaties and water wings and noodles and just last week she decided to drop all equipment and swim on her own. I could not be prouder of her. In her own time.


In spite of our house being on the market, we had Art Camp at our house last week. One of our favorite sitters, Karri, comes from a sweet, artistic family and she loves doing projects with Huntleigh. So I asked her if she wanted to do an art camp with a few kiddos in our garage and she said yes! It was perfect. Karri put a lot of thought into the camp and the kids had a good week experimenting and learning and painting.
art camp

My proud little artist in front of her gallery of the week's art.
huntleigh's gallery

This one. Oh, this one. She is a perceptive little soul. She takes in everything and she's cunning. She's independent and super cheeky. She calls Huntleigh "Uhn-hee" and I hope it never changes. "Uhn-hee, Uhn-hee, where are you?" "Uhn-hee, come here!" There is a lot of love between those two and a lot of rivalry, too. Man. No one can rev Hunts up the way Lucy can. She's an instigator. She's got a great laugh. She's funny, too. Tonight, Josh and I asked her what her name was and she said, "Ummm..........Uhn-hee!!" with a coy little smile. Her newest thing is to turn my face to hers when she has something really important to tell me and she'll keep doing it until I've heard her. I just figured out she has taken to doing this because I do the very same thing to her when I want her to really listen to me. Smart. Effective. Cutie pie. Forgiveness is a very important thing to her. She's totally willing to disobey, but her heart really longs for forgiveness and then restoration. Tender. And she's still a lousy eater. But you can't interrupt her from eating a snow cone. She'll sit still for 30 minutes to eat the whole thing.
snuggly Lu


Marilyn said...

Love,Love, Love the pictures and the way you write the stories of your girls! What a blessing they are to all of us.!

Love, your mudder

Hannah Bo Nanna said...

I love them so much! Secretly I always thought Hunts would be my favorite and Zach would get mad at me and say, "you can't play favorites!" But after today at the Magic House I realized that it's not favorites it two different little people and I can love them completely differently. Lulu is a snuggly (which Hunts never was, unless she was sick) and she is really funny and Hunts is a little teenager - she knows what she wants and she knows who she likes (thank God she likes me) and she is fierce! Why I love is seeing them both together? ...They are big sister and little sister to a T! Love it, I never want them to grow up!