Thursday, August 12, 2010

the already and the not yet

We're very much in an in-between place in life right now. Some days it is really frustrating. Some days I just kind of take it as it is. Some days I work really, really hard to get everything in order and keep everything perfect....and then no one comes to look at our house. And then some days are like today: I don't do much of anything at all. We are in between houses. We are in between the end of summer laziness and the beginning of school day craziness. We are just in between. We are waiting. And we are trying to do this without giving up on the now. This part--this in-between part--is always the most difficult part for me. It's been this way my whole life. It's hard for me to not want to just give up and move on already. I'm lacking motivation....not that this awesome humidity is really helping anything. Anyway, here's one of my bubbly bearded cutie pies.


Melissa said...

Hang in there, sister. We're waiting, too...have been for almost a year. God has much to teach as you wait. Just relax deep into Him, especially when you feel the anxious restlessness of the "not yet." Blessings!

kp said...

Sara -
I absolutely know what you are talking about ... can't wait to see pics of your new, always love to hear about your now and your in-between. We took almost 8 weeks to transition to Paducah, but we got the house ready to put on the market from January to March, and the in between started at the beginning of April. I will lift your in the mean times in prayers as I continue to ask God for guidance as we settle in here. Hope the beginning of school is fun for your guys. Thanks again for sharing!