Tuesday, August 17, 2010

where was I when my babies got so big?



Camille said...

They are so cute. Even cuter now that I know them and have an idea what might be behind those innocent little smiles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses too. Love all the colors and patterns. Couldn't be any cuter Sarah!

Brit-American said...

Hey. Was just thinking about the last time we saw one another- I think the summer you and your mom drove to Chicago. The girls have grown up so much. As I am completely out of touch didn't realize you guys were selling your home. Congrats though I will say your old home will be missed- it was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

only have a few minutes
HAven't been on for a while
the girls just get more beautiful every time i see them
love to all of you
greetings to your Mom and Dad too
love always
linn cartner