Tuesday, October 12, 2010

life in disarray

Hello blog world. I have been absentee. I must admit that when my creativity goes elsewhere, I can't keep up with my blog. I have pictures from June that are just floating around somewhere. They might never make it on the blog.

So....an update: Josh and I closed on our new home on Wednesday September 15. I thought the day would never come. Now, it has come and gone and it's almost been a month and a lot has changed. There are always, always, always people in our house doing something or another. It's kind of tiring. We are not living there, yet. Praise God for a safe, comfortable, familiar place to rest our heads at night....our old home. Having two homes has been a blessing in disguise, but not necessarily the blessing I was hoping for. But who am I to know what is best for me?! This is where trust really comes in to play.

We are tackling some major projects on our new home that will make all of our living spaces homey and welcoming....namely the family room, the basement, and the bedrooms (especially Huntleigh's and Lucy's). I will try to get some pictures up...try being the operative word. And there are some things that don't even look like progress has been made: like the wall where we found all the dead mice in the insulation. Not kidding. That wall looks like the same old wall. It just doesn't smell nearly as bad as it once did.

And paint colors....oh my gosh. I have never spent so many hours on choosing such basic colors. I've enjoyed it, but I'm still not nearly finished making those decisions. They're all neutrals, so far. Should neutrals seriously cause me this much stress?! I am not super human. I cannot do all things simultaneously and do them perfectly. And lately, sometimes it's all I can do to get my kids dressed and have their hair brushed and make sure they eat well and sleep peacefully in spite of all the chaos surrounding our lives right now. And if you see me, I'm chewing a piece of gum because I probably didn't brush my teeth that morning.

I leave you with a totally unrelated and outdated picture of my sweet children and their excellent summer ballet recital in August.



the Halvorsons said...

Congrats on closing on the new house!! Can't wait to see pictures. I know it'll look amazing. You always do a great job decorating, etc. I can completely relate to being consumed with settling into a new home and trying to make it welcoming and homey. I feel like the past two months, all i've been doing unpacking and organizing...a house half the size...and a garage still packed full of our junk. :) I have to find a way to making every inch out here functional. Kinda tricky.

Come and visit!!! xoxo

The picture of your girls ballet recital is so adorable.

Artsdeco said...

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Inkling said...

Had to pop in and tell you that I thought of you when we went to the Christmas train display at the Botanical Gardens when we were in town. I remember seeing the pics of your girls there in years past. If you go this year, there is a little figuring in a red and white plaid shirt that it so totally your dad. My dad agreed that it was an apt likeness of Mr. B. You'll have to see it. =)

Sara in BC