Friday, December 17, 2010

the end of an era

I do plan to consistently return to this blog someday. In the meantime, we have said goodbye to our wonderful house where we spent a very happy five years. We brought our two beautiful babies home here and nurtured our young family here and had friends from all over the US and the world visit us here. We loved this house well and built a deck and added a back door and gave it a friendly third floor play space and the list goes on....Could we have done more? Sure. Should we have done less? Absolutely. Live and learn, hindsight, blah, blah, blah. We are so very grateful to have sold our home in a time of economic recession. The Lord was very gracious to us to send a buyer our way. We only own one home now, and I realize that is more than many people can ask for. For this, we are simultaneously overwhelmed and extremely thankful. God is good. He is good in plenty and in want. I am excited to post pictures of our new home. It is a place of beauty and chaos right now. Chaos is not an easy place for me to sit, but I'm pretty sure God is sanctifying me through this and it is seems like the hardest thing I have gone through to date. If you know any of my story, I suppose that sounds dramatic, but moving with children is....complex and I don't always manage those complexities very well. I am very thankful for a gentle, loving husband who is always willing to eat frozen pizza and bring me a glass of wine.


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

wow, what a great post. i just felt your heart in your words. i can feel your gratitude and peace. Praise God for providing a buyer. It's an excellent house. I know you'll be sad to not live there. Looking forward to new house pics. BTW- as I work on my house. I picked out fabric to re-upholster the dining chairs you gave me!!! The movers are paying for it b/c they were smashed, etc etc. I wish I had had the thought to offer to buy your old ones before you got rid of them. Lots of love your way. Start saving for NZ now that you have your new house (hehe). also, love that line about josh always bringing youa glass of wine (we may have been separated at birth).

brooke b said...

merry christmas, sbh!

tacy said...

i love you sarah.

Perret Party of Four said...

Sarah-Thanks for catching us up, love all the pictures. Hopefully one day I'll get to see your new house! Miss you,