Friday, March 04, 2011


Hunts got an invitation to paint a tile that will go in the floor of our newest Nordstrom opening in Saint Louis this fall. It was a really good activity for her to do and I loved watching her create something for such a public venue, where she'll be able to see her artwork displayed. Now, I realize that her tile could be chosen for the nethermost corner of the Nordstrom under a rack of clothing so that no one ever sees it, but I will still be so proud of that tile.....even though I hope it's the giraffe. The nebulous whale/fish tile is admittedly my less favorite, and was I silently a bit competitive with the child who was painting PERFECT butterflies next to my child? Maybe. I just told myself she was about 8, until I asked the mom how old her daughter was and she said "5." "So is she in Kindergarten?" "No, not until next year." All righty, then. I just moved on to silently comparing her giraffe to some 10 year-old boy's indescript picture of a warthog. Not so cool, buddy. My child's giraffe kicked your ugly warthog's butt. Anyway, I'm not sure where that competitive streak came from. I think it must have been that "Tiger Mom" article I read.
little painter

Here's the proud artist with her tiles. Two for safe measure, just in case something breaks on its way to being fired. Look for it, coming September 2011.
nordstrom tiles


littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

ummm, sooo cute, and I can feel the competitive thing too. I guess we just want everyone to know HOW AMAZING our kids are. You are a GREAT mom!!! love, jd

Katie Tipton said...

Totally read that Tiger Mom article... we'll have to have a conversation about it sometime.

And that other girl was most likely cheating... there were probably stencils hidden in her diaper bag.
love, katie