Monday, March 07, 2011

bag lady

This is my daughter, the bag lady. This child has taken to putting every one of her favorite things into this silly little "lucy" bag that our friend Audrey brought home from L.A. for my Lucy. She even sleeps with the bag. Because a bag that has your name on it is much more comfortable than just sleeping with the comfy stuffed animals themselves. Please notice the crinkly nature of the has clearly been snuggled. All in all, this picture has captured a particular moment in time because this child bites her blankie, as shown, and carries around this silly bag with her pink baby hippo from Christmas and all her stupid Squinkies I bought her for Valentine's Day (I am sorry for that purchase) and her giraffe lovey. I will soon miss these days, I am certain. But some days, when we have lost the horsey and turtle Squinkie and have no idea of their whereabouts, it's a bit exhausting as we go on a housewide search for these ridiculous plastic animals. Please notice those gorgeous hardwood floors in the background of this picture. That was one of our huge projects upon moving into our new house....completely worth the result.
lucy, lucy


leslie the young mother said...

This is the best post and picture ever! How funny that she sleeps with the paper bag....hahahaha. just another little phase that she and G can share :)

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

I love that it's a PAPER bag!!! not cozy and LOUD. soo funny. you know my lil girl is also a bag lady.

O.K. you are TEASING me with these 'house in the background' pics. I'm needing an SB decorating fix in a BAD way. Show me that house woman!!!

love you, jd

Camille said...

beautiful girl. beautiful floors. yes yes!

Anonymous said...

I love that girl!