Monday, March 21, 2011

yia yia and poppa

I know there are a lot you out there who would like me to post pictures of my new home, but I will not be doing that until probably the middle-ish of April. I'm sorry to make everyone wait, but I am welcome to having people stop by to just have a little look-see. And I will happily take a Starbucks coffee for admission. In the meantime, I have a bit of potty talk to discuss. My kids are really in that place (especially Lucy) where they like to push the limits to see how much pee and poop talk they can possibly get away with before punishment ensues. I'm not really sure why it gives children such a delight to talk about poop, but I guess it is interesting, (if we're honest) to some degree. Anyway, my parents and I went to the Zoo with the kids a couple weeks ago and we spent awhile studying this display near the hippos on the River's Edge. Please notice the little fish in the corner saying "Yum!" to the poop with a knife and fork in its fin. Lucy loved it. She talked about the hippo's poop for days afterward. That's legitimate poop talk in our house, because it's educational, and super fascinating to a 3-year old. Just too funny.
poop talk

I'm loving this next picture. I love having my children know their grandparents. I love that my parents enter in to the lives of their young grandchildren, which, I admit, is not always an easy task. But it's not just poop they're talking about. They're faithfully building the foundation of a lifelong relationship. These days could be short, but I pray they are not. I earnestly pray for many years ahead. I want my mom and dad to be on the top of the list of those people our children run to when they've finally discovered that Josh and I are crazy and have no idea what we're talking about. Or when they have boy troubles. Or when they are wrestling with who God is and is He real and why is He worth knowing? These days of poop talk are just the beginning. I am thankful for this captured moment.
train love


rbt said...

Potty talk has ebbed and flowed in our family and one thing I've observed is that it does get old for them too, eventually, and they move past it. So hang in there!

Anonymous said...

i love the pic of Mar & Chris enjoying the girls how lovily.
enjoy the summer
with love and prayers
from just south