Wednesday, June 08, 2011

girls, guns & good friends

So, I lied. I told you I would be posting (some) pictures of our new house by maybe mid-April and then I went and abandoned my blog until June. I'm sorry. There is perhaps some legitimate reasoning for the abandonment, but then again, maybe not. I guess I'm just lazy. So....these pictures actually originate back at the end of February, and that is where I will begin catching up. Josh had his annual boys' weekend at Raccoon Ranch and I survived it because my good friend Jessi was with me. She has two sweet boys, Hudson and Bennett, who are both just a bit younger than Lucy and Huntleigh. It makes for quite the exciting household when we are all together.

Hudson (2). Lucy (3). Bennett (4). Hunts (5).

We took the kiddos to Monkey Joe's to jump out some energy. I really hate Monkey Joe's, but the kids love it, and admittedly, it's a super fun place on either a very cold or very hot day. It's just a bouncy house on steroids. Next door to Monkey Joe's there is one of the largest liquor stores I have ever seen. That's smart marketing.
monkeying around

By Sunday, we were ready to see the daddies, so we took a little car trip up to the farm and the kids shot guns for the first time. They loved it. I love that my girls wear dresses but want to shoot guns. Their daddy is the best teacher because he's very patient and very thorough. Here's Lu with the gun.

And Bennett.

And Hunts. She loved it! She had this cute little laugh every time she pulled the trigger. Priceless.

And here are the boys. Anthony, Andrew, Kurt, Scott, and Josh. Coming to you from Chattanooga, Huntington, Los Angeles and Saint Louis. During this brief weekend the wives weathered: electricity outages, trips to the E.R. for a busted chin on a certain 3-year old, sleepless nights due to children barfing, and scary noises coming from the basement in a new house. But we made it through. Next year we're leaving the daddies home.
cabin boys 2011


Jessi said...

Too funny!!!!! Love these pics! Gotta have a copy of the black and white and B shooting the gun! Sweet!

the Halvorsons said...

Great pictures! Wish we could've joined too!! Hope we can all get together next time. I miss getting to see yall.