Wednesday, June 08, 2011

winter days

In some small ways, this picture sums up Lucy from this winter. She is my pajama girl. It's very tricky to get her out of her jammies in the morning. She would preferably wear them all day if I would let her. And those Wheat Thins are a staple in her diet. The child would never eat any protein if I didn't make her. She would be quite happy to subsist on her "crunchy crackers." She's our cheeky monkey, she is.
crunchy crackers

And this one is modeling the JK reading quilt her teacher, Mrs. Burzinski, so lovingly put together for the Junior Kindergarten classes. Early in the year, each child was given a quilt square to decorate that would be sown into the quilt and then, when the quilt was completed, every student had a chance to bring it home to "snuggle up and read" with his or her family. Huntleigh was so excited when she came home with it one Wednesday! We had a great time snuggling up and reading an extra amount of books that night.
JK reading quilt

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Inkling said...

You totally encouraged this newbie mama today. I have a two year old who would only eat crunchy things, live in his pajamas, and rarely even look at anything containing good amounts of protein. Some days, as I watch other toddlers eating like horses and hear their mothers speak about their habits, I feel alone and think that it must somehow be all my fault. (After all, the child had a much too early appreciation of good chocolate, and I know where he got that.) So it's nice to know that it's normal for some kiddos. And maybe someday, they will suddenly yearn for play clothes and a good hamburger or legumes.....if we're lucky. ;)