Thursday, June 09, 2011

the northeast

Back at the end of March, my dad and I took a trip up to Vermont to see my brother in his new state of residence. We had a quick few days together just hanging in local eateries and enjoying the beauty of the state, but one of our highlights was taking a tour of Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. For those of you who know and love my dad, you will understand why we went quite a bit out of our way to tour this little company who makes a big impact. They were ever-so-gracious hosts to us, and the women who work in the sewing room really love what they do. It's a fascinating process, and they'll even turn your favorite neck tie into a bow tie for you!
Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont!
Here's my dad with Mr. Bill Kenerson, the founder and owner of Beau Ties Ltd. The only thing missing from this picture is a bow tie around my dad's neck!
Dad with Mr. Bill Kenerson
And just a few more family pics of our time in Vermont. My brother was a great host and it was great to be in his environment.

A partial view from the tower at Hubbard Park.
Hubbard Park
After my time with Scott, I drove down to meet Josh in Boston who was there for business and squash. I haven't been to Boston since I was 16 and I really had very few memories of what Boston was like. Boston is incredible. I would move there in a heartbeat. Great city, great culture, great seafood, good enough baseball, great shopping...I could go on and on. We spent time with our friends Preston and Mayo and had a blast. It was an incredible trip, not to mention incredibly cold, too. Boston is calling my name.
Here's my boy squashin' it up. I think I'm his bad luck charm, because he always seems to lose the matches I watch, but he did manage to be a 3.0 Division Finalist!
And we had to take the standard tourist photo of the ducks from Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings for the kiddos. We love Robert McCloskey in our house. He is definitely one of our favorite children's authors. Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine, Time of Wonder....they are all beautiful books.
Make Way for Ducklings


Lindsey said...

I used to work with Mayo at Wash U! So random to see her on your blog. How did you guys meet? So glad yall are friends :-)

Anonymous said...

it was great to see 6 of the 7.5 Hager/Bakers in these pics. of course love the pic of Dad and the Beau tie sign (smiles). Great shot of you 3 and the one of you and Scott is terrific. Good to see you all.
missed Mom but since i had an extended talk with her recently no withdrawal(ha-). anxious to see the new house shots. love & prayers from SoIll. Linn