Monday, August 01, 2011


Blogging has obviously become a very remote and sidelined past time for me. But since I am very exceptional at procrastinating and I really should be packing for our plane trip in just a few minutes, I thought I'd hop on my blog and do a quick update.

So just to sum-up:

This is my precious 3 1/2 year old from this past Saturday. She and Hunts were in Katie Tipton's wedding and they were stellar. I mean, Hunts is an old pro. It was her 5th wedding. No kidding. It was Lucy's 2nd. I am happy to hire them out for a small fee to be flower children. They will be a hit.

In other news: we have had a crazy July full of lots of fun activities and we just returned from Chicago and will be on our way to Seattle in about an hour.

We are also 21 weeks pregnant with our third child. We are having our third GIRL and are super excited. Josh is completely out numbered, seeing as we also have a girl dog. If we count our dog, Kate, that's 5 to 1. Our baby is due to arrive December 8th.

Since my husband is making fun of me for blogging and I should probably be packing my children's clothing, I think I will leave you for now. Happy August!
katie tipton's wedding

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janet said...

You are hilarious! I can sooooo relate! Love the pic and congratulations on your THIRD girl! I can't believe it! I'd be up for arranged marriages if you are! ;)