Monday, October 03, 2011

heading west

Upon returning from Chicago, Hunts and Lu were in their 5th and 2nd weddings (respectively) as flower girls. It was the very meaningful wedding of our special babysitter, Katie Tipton. KT was our first babysitter to come on vacation with us when Hunts was one and I was about 12 weeks pregnant with Lucy. Katie got sick while we were in Mexico and we could not have fallen more in love with her. Spend a couple days in a hospital in a foreign country with someone and you will get to know them a whole lot better than you knew them before! And she's seen our family in a number of different situations, so she knows how quirky and weird we are and she still loves us! Look at what a beautiful bride she was. We love you, Mrs. Katie Spencer! You'll always be our number one!
flower girls

And a day after the wedding, we hopped on a plane to head to the beautiful pacific northwest to see our good friends, the Walkers. We spent a gorgeous five days in Bellingham, WA where they have planted an amazing church: Christ Church Bellingham. The Lord is doing great things there and it was so refreshing to be with Nate and Shannon and our (combined) 8 children...well, one still in utero. The kids did really well all together and it was fun to reconnect and to spend time reflecting on the past year and how the Lord has been working in and through their church plant. And we were able to go to Boundary Bay....twice! And Top Pot Doughnuts twice, as well, on our way in and out of Seattle!
bellingham, wa
Will and Hunts sharing a moment of reflection over this little crab.
hunts, will & a crab
Big Lucy, Hunts, Will and Ada. There was no attempt to get a picture of all the kiddos together at one time. Just a little tricky.
we love the walkers

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