Monday, October 03, 2011

hot town, summer in the city

Our good friends, Drew and Jessi, came into town for about 36 hours and we were able to steal one evening of their time in Saint Louis. It was just perfect. I usually get to see Jessi now about once a year (with all our kids) and Josh gets to see Drew once a year, but it has been 5 1/2 years since we've had some adult time, just the four of us. We had an excellent dinner at Franco with a few hours of uninterrupted conversation. True bliss.
drew & jessi
And as Drew and Jessi pulled out of Saint Louis, we pulled out on our way up to Chicago for a mini-trip. We were able to have some great time with my mom's side of the family. We spent a beautiful evening together on my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Chris' deck. Here's Lucy with my cousin Lauren. Sweet pic.
lauren & lucy
My momma with her siblings, from left to right: her sister Carrie and her husband Chris, her brother John and his wife Lisa, my dad and my mom.
siblings & spouses
And the whole gang: me, Lauren, my mom, Josh with Lucy (who is holding a fake snake!), my Uncle Chris, my dad, Tommy, my Uncle John, Aunt Lisa, Celia, and in front: Aunt Carrie with Hunts, my cousin Camille and her son Carter. We were missing Scott, Kevin & Cassie, Jackson and Jason...I think we need a wedding to get us all together again!
the Elloitt clan
Silly girl in the city.
silly lucy in chicago
We stayed with some old/new friends for the night and our kids had a great time playing together: Rachel, Michael and Gabe were great hosts to Hunts and Lucy.
new friends
And no trip to Chicago is complete without a trek to American Girl Place. The girls love it, and I was able to get my Christmas shopping done! But seriously, it's gonna be awhile before we go back there. The girls need to experience the amazing culture of Chicago next time. No more of this Michigan Avenue retail therapy!
water tower place/john hancock

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Camille said...

I love the Elliott brother, sisters, and spouses pic. They look so happy!