Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lucy's first Star Day

Last week was Lucy's first Star Day in 3K. The star gets to bring a surprise in the mystery bag and give the class three clues to guess what's inside. It gives each child exposure to some "public speaking," if you will. Lucy had a brief moment where she told me she wanted me to be the one to give the clues, but I told her she would do great and she did! Her teacher, Mrs. Heinemann, is such a loving and nurturing woman who really gives Lucy tender encouragement.
Lucy's first Star Day!!

Here Lucy is revealing her surprise: what other than a hippo. Of course.
showing hippo

Then the star goes around the circle giving each student a chance to see the item up close. This little girl is Winnie, one of Lucy's favorite friends in school this year.
Lucy & Winnie

Super serious Lucy. I treasure these moments that I get to peek into what her world is like in 3K. It's been a great place for her to develop.

Daddy, with his star daughter.
that's our star

And eating her special cookie for her special star day. Great job, Lucy! You are always our little star. We love you!
special treat for star day

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Camille said...

She is so stinkin cute. I love her outfit too!