Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Huntleigh's tile

Remember that tile Hunts had painted back in the spring? Well, the Nordstrom finally opened and there was a fun time set apart for the kids to go and find their tiles. We ran into the Lindmans while we were searching for Hunts' tile and I snapped some pics of our girls together. I love this one of Hunts and Manna. They have a sweet friendship for which I am really thankful. Teachers often mistake them for the other because of their blonde hair and blue eyes.
hunts and manna
Here they are in all their toothy glory at the end of JK last year.
end of JK
Hunts posing with her finished tile at Nordstrom. I still think it's so cool and fun that her art is at the store for everyone to see! (And I'm really glad they chose the giraffe and not the whale, by the way!)
Huntleigh's tile
Giraffe face painting to celebrate the giraffe tile. I love Huntleigh's beautiful little profile.
These are the little sisters, Lucy and Eden, who are also in class together. They were too young to paint the tiles, but they were certainly able to take part in the festivities of the morning. Here they are modeling their painted hippos, an idea driven by Lucy. Have I mentioned my child's obsession with hippos? And when I say obsession, I'm really not sure I can express the full impact of that word. She is seriously in love with hippos. I actually think it's kind of a fun obsession to have because it seems to me to be a bit unusual. I'm already all prepared for her birthday and we are going to have a special tour of the hippos at the zoo next week, so I suppose I'm entering into the obsession, too.
lucy and eden
And just a little close up of the hippo, so Lucy can enjoy the hippo now that it is long gone.
hippo obsession

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Camille said...

Way to go Huntleigh! Nice job on swimming and soccer too!