Tuesday, October 04, 2011

soccer season

Soccer has been another first for us this year. We tried it when Hunts was just a bit younger and it wasn't the right time. But the swim team really helped prepare Huntleigh for soccer in so many ways, and it has been a success this fall! Josh is one of Hunts' coaches and she is playing on a team with all her friends from school, so those have also helped to conquer her potential fears of the sport. So far this season our team is undefeated and Huntleigh has this uncanny ability to remember the scores of each game and she keeps very close track of how many goals are being scored during a game. It's really cute. Here she is on the day of her first game.
Hunts the striker
Coach daddy doing his coaching thing. I love watching him interact with the kids. I love his understanding of the sport and how he applies it to all these 5 & 6 year olds.
Coach daddy
These next three pics capture the making of Huntleigh's first goal! Proud momma here! For her future games I bought her some hot pink shoelaces and told her that they were going to help her score some more goals this season. We have been out of town this past week, but she told us that she scored another goal at her game on Saturday. Victory!


first goal!!