Monday, October 03, 2011

Lucy's room

Since my children went back to school, I have had some time to focus on finishing touches and final details for certain rooms in our house. So, I am finally posting pictures of Lucy's bedroom at least. I know it's been a year, so maybe no one even cares anymore, but I do intend to post more pictures of our house before this baby comes!

Lucy's room is one of my favorites. I had originally intended for the bird theme to be incorporated into Huntleigh's room, but the birds decided to land in Lucy's room. And I think the shade of teal I chose goes really well with who Lucy is.
Lucy's room
I modified the alphabet from Huntleigh's bedroom at our old house and wove in the green teal color with some golden tones, too. I painted the "A" and the "r" myself and was so proud afterwards. I love creating something like this for my children and I love it even more when I hear Lucy singing the alphabet aloud when she is getting ready to go to sleep.
alphabet wall
I wasn't willing to commit to painting the kids' rooms a big, bold color yet, so I went with a neutral palette and worked the color in around it. I think it even took me about 7 tries just to finally settle on the neutral that I did. But I did add that splash of teal to the arch ceiling in the entry to Lucy's room and love it. The "every child is an artist" sign came from this artist. She/they are Saint Louis-based, but ship their products anywhere. And if there's any other items you're interested in knowing about, I'm happy to share my sources. Just let me know! I'm also happy to help decorate your child's room to make it a space of beauty in which for him or her to dwell.
entry way


we are the spencers said...

LOVE it!!! Perfect room. Where did you get the beds. Love those too!

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

oh yay!!! i got sooo excited to see all these new posts. I've been so eager to see your house. I'll definitely keep checking back to see the rest! I looove the teal you chose and esp. that splash of color on the archway- what a cool architectural feature! love seeing your pregnant belly too! wish i could see you when we r in the states. miss you friend!!!

Andi said...

Oh wow! Sarah- this is such an amazing room!! I have ZERO knack for decorating- I'm in awe!

Shannon said...

So cute! The perfect room for now and for little girl(s) to grow in to. So many great things goin on there.

Camille said...

Love love love this room!

Doug and Lori said...