Friday, January 27, 2012

our fall, in brief

Just a few notes about our fall and what we were up to:

Since Lucy's hippo obsession had been continuing in a fierce kind of way, we took a special little tour of the hippos at the zoo. Little did I know (until that tour) that hippos are actually quite aggressive and not necessarily a nice animal. So glad my daughter prefers to cuddle with the stuffed variety.

The Cardinals proceeded into the postseason and opened up a can of whoop a**. They were amazing! I've never been so thankful for a season to be over with, though. It was super fun and super exhausting. My sweet little blondie scored a couple balls! I'm not complaining, but I was tired of going to games with...

...this big belly. I did enjoy many a kosher dog with grilled onions. And I really enjoyed returning to my regularly scheduled program: an early bedtime. Surprisingly enough, I'm already ready for baseball season again. We'll see how it goes this year with our myriad changes.

Lucy went on her first official field trip. Here is her testosterone-packed 3K class. They are a bundle and a half.

Lucy and Yia Yia on star day. I love to watch Lucy give clues for the mystery bag which always contains (what else, but) a hippo! She is always the super cutest star.

Halloween brought with it a seriously super cute cheerleader from the University of Lucy (I really hope this is not a picture of our future--I want to see grass stains on my daughters' soccer uniforms)...

and a butterfly. I was completely suckered in to overnighting this costume to my house because of my indecisive child. I'm not sure why I gave in. I think it was the pregnancy hormones. But she made for one beautiful butterfly.

Here's my sweet Lu, remnants of her breakfast bar all around her mouth and gorgeous as can be. I love this little spark.

And my big birthday girl, who turned 6!

Hunts "performed" in a Kindergarten Thanksgiving historical play. She was the opener for the entire thing and did her line all by herself. The microphone wasn't on, so she had to do her line again and it didn't even make her skip a beat. I was so proud...and crying, of course. She was awesome.

And here's our newest little pup, struggling to enjoy the bilibed. I mean, I would have the same face, too, if I had to wear that little space suit and lay on a light bed all day. She was my only babe who had jaundice, so it was a bit disconcerting for me, but everything ended up being just fine.

Here we are, just about to leave the hospital to bring her home. I promise to post new pictures of this baby soon, since she's changed so much already!


Jessi said...

Oh Sarah! SO many precious pictures!!! I love seeing pictures of Polly...I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you have another daughter! They are all so beautiful, and I am missing you! Hope you guys are well and lets try and talk soon, amidst the chaos in both of our lives right now! Love you lots, sweet friend!

Hannah said...

Cute, cute and cute.... And by the way.... I see you:) hahahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all on the birth of your new little daughter. What a cutie!! Joanie

SAN said...

Wow! Polly already looks like a Hager child! Amazing how God makes it all come together. Congrats! Looking forward to meeting Polly in March!



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