Monday, April 09, 2012

officially 4

I know these pictures are completely old news, but as I was going through them I just had to post a few because they remind me of so many hilarious memories.

So for Lucy's 4th birthday I finally threw her a "big girl party" and got a magician and a hippo cake. I had little to no idea what the magician would be like, but he seemed legit and I thought I had done enough research to justify hiring him and making him the central part of Lucy's birthday party. I had a 5-week old baby and I was proud of myself for just making her party happen at all.

Here we are at the beginning of the magic show: curiosity is fresh, magician is "normal" complete with a purple blazer and all. He is part of The International Brotherhood of Magicians., no joke. He brought his own theme music. It wasn't "The Final Countdown," but it was something not too far from that. With each second of his show I felt like we were stepping further into an episode of Arrested Development with Gob.
magic show


At least this picture makes it look like people were having fun, thanks to Huntleigh. Seriously though, I think it was fun, from what I remember.
Here's the central player of the magic show, sweetly tossing the silks around. She (mostly) loved it, was sometimes a skeptic, and totally fell apart at the end when Gob put her on a "magic" carpet and loudly clanged 2 swords in front of her. Not joking. I will never forget her cries of sheer terror and my guilt of not having told her about this "special" moment in the performance. Insert: "The Final Countdown" loudly playing in the background. Good times.
beautiful lu

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