Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it's business, baby

One of the perks of your husband being a business man is being able to fly in business class, and let me tell you, it makes a 14-hour flight feel like no big deal. I haven't been on an airplane for that long since my last trip to Hong Kong in 2004, but I was like an old pro. Our flights to Hong Kong were 16 hours from Chicago or LAX and I've done that flight probably 14 times or so. It's one thing to do that flight every couple months, but when almost four years go by since the last time you take a flight like that, it kind of seemed mammoth. But it was super easy, and Lucy was a little superstar. Emirates airline is the best I've flown on and they had probably 160 movies to choose from, plus hundreds of television shows and video games and all sorts of other choices to whittle away the time. I watched The Darjeeling Limited (for the second time. a must-see movie), The Jane Austen Book Club (not so good) and Dan in Real Life (really loved this one). We ate two meals, slept for about six hours and still had a little bit of time to spare. And they have this NIFTY little bassinet contraption that bolts into the made all the difference with having Lucy. She slept great.

And the flight attendants loved her. They took pictures of her in the hat they wear as part of their uniform. This is us after the whole 14 hours. Lucy was such a trooper.


danielle said...

awesome! my dad lives in abu dhabi and goes to dubai a lot. he used to live in kuwait too and i got to go visit him there several years ago. i remember getting off the plane at midnight and being blasted by the heat and humidity. pretty crazy place! i can't imagine taking a baby, good for you guys! dubai sounds like a very "tourist" friendly place.

Doug and Lori said...

I am so excited that the trip over went really well! Wow, that airline sounds amazing!

Shannon said...

Now that's flying in style- I can't believe they had a bassinet- that is very NIFTY.