Saturday, June 27, 2009

the fam

On our last night in Hawaii, we went to Roy's, this great fusion seafood restaurant that was one of the most kid-friendly, fine dining experiences we've ever had. Right after we sat down, they brought plates of snacks for the kids along with a bin full of toys for them to play with. Awesome.

Here's our small clan with the aloha bear from our good friend, Erin.
the clan in hawaii

Kt and an uncooperative Hunts.
hunts and kt

The girls.
sb & kt & ll

Hunts. I just love this little imp.
i love this girl.


Marilyn said...

how can my girls be any prettier?
And their mom and babysitter are pretty darn hot also! I love my little imp and my pistol.

Love you lots, mom

sbh said...

I know, mom. Thanks for the compliment. And I love that you called them your little imp and your little pistol. That is so true. Love you and miss you. And I totally miss my girls. I'm glad you're with them, though. sb

Allison Dillard said...

So fun to see all your Hawaii pictures- Roy's is Kevin's all time fav---actually plans business trips around where one is located-ha! Hope to see you guys sometime :)